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20 Insurtech Trends according to Artificial Intelligence

I asked Chatgpt for 20 Insurtech trends. Aside from screwing up the percentages adding up to greater than 100%, artificial intelligence seems to nail it again.

  1. Increase in usage-based insurance
  2. Growth in smart home technology
  3. Expansion of telematics for risk assessment
  4. Rise of on-demand insurance models
  5. Growing popularity of peer-to-peer insurance
  6. More personalized and tailored coverage options
  7. Increase in cyber insurance demand
  8. Emergence of blockchain technology in the industry
  9. Greater focus on sustainability and environmental impact
  10. Expansion of microinsurance in developing markets
  11. Consolidation of smaller insurance companies
  12. Increased use of artificial intelligence and machine learning
  13. Implementation of predictive analytics for risk assessment
  14. Shift towards gig economy and freelance work
  15. More stringent regulations and compliance measures
  16. Increase in natural disaster-related claims
  17. Growth of health and wellness programs
  18. Rising cost of healthcare and medical expenses
  19. Increased use of virtual reality for training and risk assessment
  20. Greater focus on customer experience and satisfaction