Targeting with LinkedIn ads and Twitter ads

There are plenty of how-to’s out there that will painstakingly walk you through all of the details of LinkedIn ads and Twitter ads. So this post isn’t going to do that.

What I’d like to do instead is to simply point out where some of the magic lies within these platforms. Both of them offer ridiculously easy and cheap access to get in front of exactly who you want to get in front of. I can’t emphasize that enough, that the level of obtainable precision is pretty amazing.

When you start building your LinkedIn ad campaigns, you’ll see this screen:

Using Audience attributes, you can put an ad in front of
– people at a particular Company, or
– with certain Job Titles, or
– with specific Years of Experience, or
– from across an Industry, or
– with listed Skills, or
– people who are members of a LinkedIn Group, or
– from particular Geographic Areas (like State), or
– are in an Age Range, or
– are a Gender, or
– have a particular Degree, just to list a few of the options.

You can also mix and match these options.

And you can limit it to a budgeted CPM or CPC. If you want to spend as little as, say, $5 a day following a small group around on LinkedIn (as well as other platforms if you enable “Audience Expansion”) telling your story to them? Then spend a mere hour figuring these mechanics out and you can do it.

Here are some of your ad structure options:

I recommend the Text Ad or sponsoring Posts of your own, as those are the ones that I have the most experience with.

On to Twitter ads. This is what the Targeting section of Twitter ads looks like:

The Follower/Following targeting is so incredibly powerful. You want to get in front of US Wealth Management advisors? You can target the followers of specific accounts.

You also can target by keywords, which is also quite powerful.

Twitter advertising is very cheap, you can do a lot of damage for pocket change.

Happy Trails, folks.

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