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Americans to spend $700 million on Pet Costumes in 2022

Back in 2011, I used to joke that pet costumes was a business to get into. It was a $300 million/year business back then.

Now, in 2022, it’s become a $700 million/year business. Healthy +8% annual revenue growth.

So many wonderful angles to take that trend, if one were to enter this business. I don’t know that I’d try to sell direct, though. Instead, figure out a manufacturing strategy/source and offer private labelling.

48 million US households own dogs. 32 million US households own cats. Seems like a great me-too business without worrying about market share.

Dogs are the new kids.” That trend isn’t slowing down at all.

My cavalier, Roxy, is going out dressed as an Ibanez acoustic bass guitar this Halloween. She’ll be easy to spot and she’ll sound great.